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's a messaging issue that the candidates and their campaigns have to deal with. put it this way. if romney had been selected the nominee back in february or early february or mid-february, would that have precluded his -- the words leaving his mouth about, well, you know, i really don't care for the poor. the very poor. what does that have to do with how long the process is? so i think a lot of campaigns want to jump on the process because their candidates don't know how to keep their mouth shut about -- without saying something that causes them angst. you can't blame the process for that. that is -- that's more of an ability to, again, stay on the message. the economic message. again, that would have nothing to do with rick santorum's fakeoff on social issues and nor would it have anything to do with the rush limbaugh controversy because i would submit to you that if romney were the nomny, he'd be in a much tougher spot given what rush limbaugh just said with the cameras coming to him every day. now the cameras can at least go to three or four different other people and get a sound bite from
'm encouraged. >> we had a good night last night but so did governor romney. that's why we have to start anew here. we have to do well here in kansas. we have to win here in kansas. and win big. >> and so the campaigning continues one day after super tuesday, which in past presidential primaries, kind of a benchmark into where we're going, coalescing often around a card date. we saw that with john mccain. all four candidates vowing to stay in the race. the next focus will be kansas this weekend. next week, two southern primaries in mississippi and alabama. welcome to hour two of "washington today" on c-span radio. mitt romney's campaign raised $11.5 million in the month of february, comparing that to about $9 million for rick santorum's efforts. you get a sense these two candidates are going to battle it out the next couple of months. in other news today, the pentagon saying that the suggestion by senator john mccain for u.s. air strikes in syria will not work. that was the message delivered earlier today by the defense secretary leon panetta, as well as the chairman of the joint chiefs of st
, santorum and romney. they are bankrupt. if you give any one of these guys the keys to the white house, they will bankrupt the middle class again. >> vice president joe biden on the campaign trail today in toledo, ohio as the obama effort continues to ramp up today with the release of a new 17-minute video and the vice president the first of four stops in four battleground states. welcome to hour two of "washington today" on c-span radio. i'm steve scully. politico puts it this way. headline kickoff day for the obama campaign. meanwhile, caning for a second day in puerto rico, rick santorum says making english an official language should be a condition of statehood for this u.s. territory. puerto rico set to hold a referendum on statehood in november. it currently does not have full voting rights in congress. it does have delegates for the republican convention. rick santorum campaigning there today and mitt romney also eyeing the delegates. the next key state is illinois on tuesday. ron paul refusing to commit to backing mitt romney if romney becomes the republican party's nominee for
on morning shows saying that he is not convinced that rick santorum can defeat mitt romney in a head to head race. politico writing that mitt romney vowing to fight back today. the focus on the romney campaign has been the math. writing from boston saying it would take a dramatic change for mitt romney to lose the nomination for president. that was the argument that romney's high command delivered in a briefing today. this following a ten-state super tuesday contest in which the former massachusetts governor was able to eek out a very narrow victory in ohio. but he lost contests in traditional republican states of tennessee, oklahoma and north dakota to rick santorum. andrea sul a spokesman for the romney campaign announced that the campaign raising about $11.5 million in february. that was the second best fundraising month for the romney campaign. not a lot of appearance today by the candidate as they try to regroup following super tuesday. you heard a moment ago rick santorum on the campaign trail in kansas. mitt romney from boston appearing on cnbc's "squawk box" this morning. >> historic
to bowing out and letting romney have a free shot to the nomination. i just don't see that happening. >> dan balz, i'm going to give you a chance in a minute to ask john steele the big question, whatever that may be. >> i'd like to follow up now on what michael steele said, given wounded party that comes together eventually, what they're going to do to beat the democrats? i know jim has a good question along those lines. >> i think a lot of it is going to depend on the arguments that are made. we -- as a party, a national party, we are way off message right now. we are talking about stuff we have no business talking about because it is -- it reminds me so much of the terry schiavo conversation during the bush administration years. and beyond the pale and outside the purview of a national party to inject itself into personal decisions. we cannot on the one hand rail against democrats for, you know, wanting to take control through government auspices of our lives and our businesses and the like, but then in the same, you know in the next breath, you know have the kind of conversation we have a
the occasions to attack mitt romney. welcome to hour two of "washington today" here on c-span radio. i'm steve scully. thanks for being with us. it is super tuesday. republican primaries in ten states. the president choosing to hold his news conference this year, the first of 2012, an event that the "washington examiner" writes guarantees republicans will not have the media spotlight to themselves for this news cycle. today on wall street a down day. the dow dropping more than 200 points. about 1.5% amid renewed concerns about the situation in greece and a slowdown in the overall u.s. economy. and the president accusing his republican critics of beating the war drums. but he says that's easy for them to do when they're not the commander in chief. at today's news conference the president saying that his critics are forgetting that the cost of war, and the impact that war has on those who fight the battles on the front line, and some republicans are pushing for tougher action against iran without realizing what the repercussions are. and today, the apec conference wrapping up here in washington,
santorum on the campaign trail in illinois one day before the primary there. mitt romney at the university t and the u.s. economy. mitt romney winning in puerto rico over the weekend with its 20 delegates. now all roads lead to illinois tomorrow. a key primary battle in the road to the white house. welcome to hour one of "washington today" here on c-span radio. i'm steve scully. in france a massive man hunt is under way and the terrorism alert has been raised to a higher level across much of the southern part of the country. a man on a motorcycle this morning opening fire with two handguns today in front of a jewish school, killing a rabbi, his two young sons and a girl. >>> news on politics today as president obama picking up the pace of his fund raising for his re-election bid. his campaign collecting $45 million in february. nearly twice as much as the $23 million per month he averaged during the final three months of 2011. the president has $75 million in the bank through the end of january. we're going to be hearing a lot about the budget and the economy in the coming days. tomorrow c
talk about obama care and its impact on the economy and on fundamental freedoms, and mitt romney doesn't. it's because he can't because he supported government-run health care as governor of massachusetts. he supported a limitation on insurance products that are available, that you couldn't keep your insurance. he supported a mandate that required hospitals to be able to -- catholic hospitals to have provide morning after pills, $50 abortions, free abortions for lower income. all of the issues that are central on freedom and taxes and you know, governor romney financed the romney care bill through medicaid. not in massachusetts but across this country. medicaid dollars were used to pay for romney care. and of course we've seen now that romney care is $2 billion over budget where they had to increase taxes in order to pay for it. this was a disaster in massachusetts, and then heed that audacity to go out in 2009 and argue that barack obama follow his lead. unfortunately for the country, obama did, president obama did follow mitt romney's lead and adopted as devin pluf said yesterday the
this romney campaign, i can't recall a presidential candidate having this much trouble with his base, by that i mean the conservative and very conservative voters, which includes tea party and evangelicals. a candidate who has this much trouble with his base, even if he gets the nominee winning the general election, now you go back to, say, ronald reagan and gerald ford in 1976. there was the emerging conservative base in the republican party that reagan captured and almost won the nomination but lost and gerald ford lost the election. and jimmy carter in 19 -- what year was that? >> 1980. >> 1980. having so much trouble. his base actually ran against him. ted kennedy and the democratic national committee ran against their sitting president. that was a divisive primary, but carter got the nomination, obviously, but lost the general election. i see that one tiplet for predicting how decisive the primary comes out in the general. >> let's look first at this current primary and then some historical perspective. you indicated two of the races we'll be featuring during this discussion. i
and leadership. thank you so much and god bless this great land. thank you. >> mitt romney at the university of chicago talking about the issue which has been driving his campaign and his candidacy, the economy. rick santorum in the hometown of ronald reagan, dixon, illinois, tomorrow's primary 54 delegates at state. welcome to hour two of washington today on c-span radio. i'm steve scully. we'll hear more from the candidates competing in tomorrow's illinois primary. after illinois it is on to louisiana with a weekend primary. mitt romney winning 20 delegates over the weekend in puerto rico. meanwhile, the lawyer representing the army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 afghans, including nine children met with the soldier today at the military's maximum security prison at ft. leavenworth in kansas. attorney john henry brown saying in his three-hour talk with robert bayles included an emotional description of what has happened on the ground in afghanistan. bayles by the way has yet to be charged. he is being held in an isolated cell. >>> here in washington this week, we're going hear much m
and santorum. earlier mitt romney holding a campaign rally in missouri. news on the economy. the federal reserve says four major banks, the citigroup, the nation's third largest bank, the feds saying 15 of 19 major banks did pass the test. also the fed today with more optimism on the overall economy saying the unemployment rate will gradually decline through the rest of this year and the crisis in europe continues to threaten the global economy, but the threat for the moment has eased. strong day on wall street with the market up more than 200 points. let's begin with our lead story, the president coming to the roads garden on a summer-like day in our nation's capital as he took aim at china and trade policies. the president telling reporters the case ceases to force china to lift export limits on certain minerals known as rare earths. here is more from the president's announcement earlier in the day. >> one of the things i talked about during the state of the union address is making america more competitive in the global economy. the good news is that we have the best workers and the be
of the nominees. i want to see who the republican is, presumably it will be romney. i'm not very happy with romney. frankly, i'm not happy with president obama. i think his policy in afghanistan is dead wrong. i said so in the senate. i opposed his 30,000 additional troops in the senate i think it was a colossal mistake to extend the tax breaks to the 1%. you have this big battle 99% versus 1%. they were going to expire the end of 2010. they should not have been extended. i think there are a lot of issues now on economic growth. but i do understand that i have to make a selection between the alternatives. i ran for the republican nomination. it was a well-kept secret, the nomination back in 1996. i had no admissions -- >> you were quoted that santorum is not up to being president, not mitt romney either. >> no, i didn't say mitt romney wasn't. i said not sure. >> you're right. >> that's a big difference in what i said about romney and santorum. >> then why the difference? explain the difference? >> well, the difference is i know rick santorum very well. i worked for him 12 years in the senate. i h
over significant opposition, and with mitt romney arguing that we should let detroit go bankrupt. what we did is we rescued the auto industry, we aministered some of the very toughest medicine [ cheers and applause ] >> we're criticized by many on our side. we administered very tough medicine. but th literally one since restructuring, the industry has already another 200,000 jobs and gm is leading the world again as the world's largest automobile [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, we knew that was sensible but not enough, we went to work to provide a skilled workforce for companies that have already come back or are bringing their folks back. we met with the leading k347s in the world who came to the white house in january. they pointed out to us that right now there are 600,000 manufacturing jobs in the united states that companies who have come back home can't because they can't match the worker's skills with the need of the companies. so we launched a partnership between my wife jill, a community college profr, calls the best kept secret. my wife jill calls the best kept secret in am
of momentum in the long road to the convention in tampa. wolf blitzer on cnn questioning mitt romney on the campaign trail and a question about a new super pac ad by rick santorum's supporters. here's mitt romney's response. >> well, you know, it's been interesting that facts check has looked at rick santorum's claims over the last several ads and the things that he said and in almost every case it said that santorum's attacks have been baseless and wrong. they gave him four pinocchios or something like that. obviously, we left massachusetts with over $2 trillion rainy day fund and a balanced budget. so i'm afraid his conclusions are exactly wrong. but you know, senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign and is trying in some way to boost his prospects and frankly misrepresenting the truth. >> why do you think he's at the desperate end of his campaign? >> well, i mean he's far behind in the delegate count. he's far behind in the popular vote count. if you look at the math of how many delegates that he would have to win to become the nominee it's a very difficult road fo
's turn to presidential politics. mitt romney may have won ugly in michigan, but his narrow victory will be tempered by some mou mounting criticism of his campaign, even though his resilience is about to be tested against some bigger prizes next tuesday, super tuesday. michigan, of course, a must-win state for mitt romney. and he won by three or four percentage points. although, when you look at the delegate count, it will be split essentially down the middle between mitt romney and santorum. speaking to reporters in a teleconference, one of the questions many people wondering is whether or not it would have been better for rick santorum to win michigan in terms of democrats looking at this race from the outside. >> yes, you have a question on the line from abc news. >> hi, all, can you hear me? >> yes. >> thanks very much. thanks for taking my question. i'm just wondering for the governor and senator. mitt romney's win last night, is that at all frustrating or disappointing to you and state democrats given the protest that the democrats organized, the add campaigns, the money spent
only got 30%. this 14% number is horrific. when you talk about softening the language, what the romney campaign did, they went back to their old ways in the ohio primary. they did an ad attacking santorum for supporting justice sotomayor to the supreme court, the first hispanic justice of the supreme court. i was stunned by that. i was like, you guys just don't get it. you're still making it worse. >> jeff zeleny, before we let you go, you're covering prthe primaries in alabama and mississippi, you more than likely will be in chicago to cover the illinois primary next week. from a personal standpoint as you cover these candidates on the campaign trail and file the deadlines which are now 24/7 in this internet age, just spend a moment telling these students and our c-span audience what it's like for you personally to cover this presidential campaign. >> well, this presidential campaign has been more interesting than some of us thought from the beginning. mitt romney has been running for president for about five or six years now, and republicans generally have a history of nominating the
and admire governor romney, not just for his leadership, but for his friendship. >> his father, governor george romney of michigan, and my dad were very good friends. his brother scott is a senior partner in the law firm that my father-in-law founded, and i met mitt when he ran for governor of massachusetts back in 2002. >> both ed and i had the pleasure of visiting israel with governor romney last year. this is a man who truly understands the security threats facing the jewish state. we witnessed firsthand his obvious emotional connection to the land and to the people. >> watching him listen to israelis, you could see how much he heard their concerns and understood the need for america to always, always stand beside israel. >> while every leader is aware of the threats, mitt romney feels them deeply to his core. he understands israel's unique place as our nation's most valuable ally. in just a moment, we will have the pleasure of hearing from governor romney, who is in boston today campaigning, of course. after all it is super tuesday. afterwards, governor romney has been kind enough to
's no question that the health care law mitt romney passed as governor of massachusetts is the same one that president obama passed at the federal level. four years ago mitt romney even called the law he signed in massachusetts a model for the rest of the country. he wrote an op-ed in "usa today" in july 2009 while the health care debate was raging, calling on the president to follow the example he set with his law in massachusetts, and then thehe p plan said he was basing it on mitt romney's idea in massachusetts. now that the mandate sun popular with conservatives, romney is trying to disown what he did massachusetts. well, mitt can run, but he can't hide. no matter what he tries to say now, mitt romney is a walking, talking amicus brief in favor of the president's health care law. if he tries to make it an issue in a debate with president obama, it's just going to confirm that he's the etch-a-sketch candidate. he should just admit it was planned all along f.mitt romney is the nominee, in effect health care will be off issue, and with that i am going to call on the chairman of our ju
, 40% of the vote. mitt romney, 26%. >> surprise, surprise. >> rick santorum, 20%. did you vote? were you able to vote absentee? >> i voted a week and a half ago. >> will you tell us who you voted for? >> no. i have not gott eten involved i these races. i've focused on my own re-election bid. so i'm developing a lot of new friends. and new supporters throughout the new congressional district. so i focused on that more so than i have the presidential races. >> and you haven't endorsed anyone. why not? do you plan to jump in at any point? >> i know three of these candidates very well. mitt romney i met. i've had some brief conversations with him along the way. but the other three i know extremely well. all four of them have attributes that i really like. i think any of the four of them will be a great president. the thing is we have to look across the board as republicans about who's going to best represent the interest of this country. take us far. turn back from these failed policies, the policies that failed in this current administration. so it's absolutely critical that we have a r
for the republican presidential nomination, two candidates are rising to the surface in the polls, mitt romney and rick santorum. which one of them has a better shot when it comes to really appealing to the conservative vote? rick santorum says it's him. mitt romney says in the end republicans will support him. how does conservatism play into this race? >> well, i think conservatives want limited government, want economic growth and job creation. and so this comes down to a debate about the size of government, its intrusion and i think the candidate that can best articulate not only a platform but a vision to getting back to constitutional governance is going to be the one that picks up the lion's share of the conservative vote out there. and this is a horse race. people talk about momentum, they talk about delegate count. but at the end of the day it's about who can hit 1144, that's the magic number of delegates, as this campaign moves toward tampa. so, it's a horse race now. illinois this week is going to be a major prize for a candidate although it's proportional allocation of the delegates
difference. our tax cuts go to companies that create jobs over here. the romney tax cat create jobs overseas. it's a fundamentally different philosophy from ours. when china was dumpsing tires into the international marketplace, hurting american manufacturer's of tires and their workers, president obama stepped up and enforced our trade laws and won. governor romney at the time called what the president had done protectionism. that's his quote, protectionism. now, when its politically expedient he wants to get really tough on china. look, it's a different romney's called the president of the united states out of touch for encouraging young people to try to get manufacturing jobs. out of touch? romney? i mean -- [ applause ] >> pretty remarkable. as an old friend of mine says, that's chutzpah. romney appeared to scoff first in detroit, then in florida at the notion of manufacturing as a job engine four so look, folks, we have a choice in this election. between our philosophy that believes manufacturing is central to our economy, and their philosophy he scoffs at. between our philosop
on cspan 3. until then, back to this morning's washington journal. >> fred barnes, when mitt romney woke up on wednesday morning, did he feel that he had a successful supertuesday? >> of course he did. he won more of the contests, six out of ten on supertuesday, we won something like 400,000 more votes than the under up, mitt romney. he won a lot more delegates, he actually gained, not gained, but he pulled further ahead of rick santorum and newt gingrich and g delegates. certainly winning oklahoma, to the surprise of everyone, not that we pay attention to the north dakota caucuses, but he won there. it helped romney but it also solidified the view that rick santorum is the real challenger to mitt romney. >> when you look at the field, the current field of four republicans still in, what's the strengths and the weaknesses of this field? >> well, you know there,'s still a great deal of yearning among conservatives in particular, for someone else to get in the race, i don't think it's going to happen, the chances are slim to none. but the -- one of the problems with -- everyone says that mitt
republican primary, mitt romney has not been able to gain that support of the base. you know, as you said, newt gingrich and rick santorum really don't like mitt romney. could you see that kind of divide in the republican party? >> good point. >> excellent point. yes. the better gingrich and santorum do, the more delegates they accumulate, the closer it gets to what we saw in kennedy, carter, reagan and ford. if you look at the exit polls and put them altogether of the primaries and caucuses, romney's getting about a third of the voters whose self-idea is conservative and very conservative. i just don't see how he wins the nomination, which is why i say you never get those people. they'll vote for you, but they're not enthusiasm. they're not going to get out and work for him. it's going to be a depressed vote, obviously. that's why i say he ought to game change and go for the independent votes that are a whole lot more than a third of the whole kuncountry is independent. and forget about pandering to the social conservatives and very conservative voters in the republican party. that's the
much for that mitt romney put in his health care bill in massachusetts that the her talk foundation they love id it. about 99% of congress are millionaires or mull millionaires. why you mentioned a good word, means test. i've been asking this question for years. why is social security medicare why is none of this stuff mean tested and you hear these republicans republicans, why are we paying their health care? >> we're going to leave it stand right there. here's a tweet from treedom dude. next comes from robert in las vegas on our republican line. >> caller: my statement is part of the -- part of the major problem with the nonpayers is at least here in las vegas is the illegal aliens. it's about 95% of the people that don't pay here in our hospitals are illegal aliens. i imagine it's probably that way across the country. so even if this was to go through, it's not going to solve that problem. this bill does not cover everybody that doesn't have insurance, it only covers about 2/3 of them. between the illegal alien issue and not covering everybody, i think it's
, by the way, in part authored by the romney campaign which is feeding these kinds of lines to the reporters and you know, our feeling is we're going to go out and speak the truth and we're going to talk about how this issue is critical for our country and our country's future. and that i'm the person who is best able to go up on capitol hill and get this accomplished. i'm someone who has a record of taking on tough entitlement programs, getting rid of them. i did it owy we can do it through the process of reconciliation, if we run this campaign which i will, on obama catral issue in the campaign and we're successful there is nowille repd in one form or another. and that's not going to be the case with governor romney because he can't make the argument, becaus argument the o machine will turn it right back on him and therefore there won't be the mandate. he may say he wants to repeal obama care but he won't have the mandate through the course of this campaign to be able to win the argument, notcotress but ac. i'll be making that argument throughout the course of our campaign. hel be clear wh
romney for supporting tax breaks for companies that create jobs overseas. the vice president spoke at pct engineered systems in davenport, iowa, it's 35 minutes. >> r. >>> good afternoon, it's an honor to be here. my name is chuck park and i'm living proof that manufacturing jobs are still alive and doing well here in america. [ applause ] worked at quad city dye casting. i made parts for gm and ford vehicles, but when the rekregsz hit, the company went under in 2009. i was laid off just like a lot of other people were around here in the quad cities. for the next six months, my full-time job was looking for a job. i would get up every morning, send out applications and resumes, just continue to look for a job every day. a little more than two years ago, i was hired here at pct engineering as a full-time machinist. now i wake up every morning and i come to work and i make parts for manufacturers in our industry. [ applause ] in other words i make things that help other folks make things and that is why the manufacturing jobs are so important and i and vice president biden understand. [ ap
. >> senator schumer. >> yes. >> you say if romney is the nominee that health care will be off the table as an issue. do you think that's not a good issue for democrats to run on in 2012? >> i'm just saying senator romney -- i'm just saying that governor romney was so much involved in creating just about this exact law that his attacking it now is going to have virtually no credibility, and so i believe if governor romney is the nominee this issue will be effectively taken off the table when he brings it up. i suppose a lot of people will hold up etch-a-sketches. >> are anyyo the force and persistence of the negative sentiment, or did you pretty much expect that two years ago? look, one of the more prominent republicans in the senate said at the time when we were passing the health care reform bill that they had to defeat it and make the minority leader of the senate, senator mcconnell, actu his number one priorits make obama a one-term president. so that's why i say this has all gotten caught up into the . i think what we have to keep in mind is if they are successful, if the republican
, and whose family's sacrifice i profoundly respect. in a romney administration, there will be no gap between our nations and there will be no gap between our leaders. now, i've seen israel by land and by air. i've seen its narrow waist and its vulnerabilities on the golan heights, i've spent time with families that have been terrorized by rocket attacks. i've walked the streets of jerusalem and seen schools pocked by rifle rounds that had been fired from some of the hills nearby. i would never call for a return to the indefensible '67 line because i understand that in israel geography is security. i've also studied the writings and speeches of jihadists. they argue for a one-state solution, jan all-dominating state. it is the destruction of israel they seek and negotiating and placating such" h jihadist will not create peace. i recognize the zealot rephrase of dominion, their passion for martyrdom of arab youth is only matched by the cowardice of themselves. iran wants to dominate and s obliterate. it's a problem for america and the world. we may not know when iran will secure sufficient fis
's hoping to get beyond the confines of the battle with romney to take at another level that's a bigger level. if he does that, again, could be an interesting race in november. >> which is why tomorrow is lector, we'll turn to you for a final comment or thought. >> key to election rhetoric is a candidate has to say in some way, my story is america's story. my pain is america's pain. my hopes are america's hopes. my sucked as an individual mirrors our success as a nation. i can lead us to greater successes. this wasn't always the case. john kennedy didn't show he felt america's pain the way bill clinton did. eisenhower certainly didn't do this. this started in the '70s after the cynicism and anxiety of the '60s ending in watergate, jimmy carter came along and said i want a government that's as good and honest as the american people. by the way, as i am. ronald reagan did it as a president. barack obama did it wonderfully connecting his personal story through his biography. that's something mitt romney doesn't yet have. i think if he doesn't get it, he doesn't become president. >> very we
speaker, was the winner in georgia yesterday. rick santorum winning three states, and mitt romney winning six states, including his home state of massachusetts. newt gingrich tell saying he is not convinced that rick santorum could beat mitt romney head to head. meanwhile, the mitt romney campaign saying that his republican rivals don't have much of a chance of catching him. the campaign releasing a memo saying even though mitt romney lost four of the ten states in super tuesday, he did win ohio by less than a percentage point, he is still far ahead in the race for convention delegates. however, senior romney aides are not identifying any upcoming states in which mitt romney is likely to win. the next round of contests kansas this weekend and the next two weeks southern primaries in alabama and mississippi. and then on to illinois on march 20th. into april, primaries in states like pennsylvania, the home state for rick santorum. and then california in early june. well, let's turn to our lead story in the testimony today of defense secretary leon panetta with questions from senator john mc
after he won the nomination in a de facto way, mike huckabee and mitt romney getting out. hillary clinton and barack obama were still very much contending in the spring of 2008 for the democratic nomination. it was a great idea to go on this biography tour to visit all the places he'd been, lived in the united states and try to associate some sort of theme with him. but the execution was pretty bad for most of it. including the event in annapolis where he spoke at the naval academy at the football stadium, an incredibly windy day. i won't go into the details. it wasn't the best executed event i've ever seen. we parked, i was doing something with c-span that day. we parked in front of c-span. your loyal viewers will be delighted to hear the game change was born right there on north capitol street. right? it's north capitol street. >> it is. >> in front of c-span as we sat and talked. what we said to ourselves initially was not about a book. it was, in fact, about a movie. we said if you look at the characters here and you look at how sinmatic this whole thing has been, this was in
's been a very heavy use of negative advertising, especially on the part of romney against his various opponents. given president obama's own high negatives, i anticipate the general election to feature a lot of attack ads on each side. because for obama to win against a republican nominee, he needs to make sure that person ends up in this campaign with at least as high negatives as he himself has. >> let's talk about citizens united and how that influenced the way that we're seeing these ads and who's paying for them. there's one question from one of the students at george mason university who e-mailed me earlier. will there be any legislation changing the disclosure laws for political ads, for example paid for by americans for a better america doesn't tell you who is really funding it. that is a direct result of citizens united from two years ago. >> there is legislation that now has been introduced in congress to increase the disclosure requirements from the so-called super pacs. so one of the results of the citizens united court decision was to basically free multi-millionaires and
manufacture are doing well, we're not satisfying our demand so presidential candidate mitt romney has been endorsed by donald trump and discussed tariffs. i would like you to comment on possible implications of tariffs in order to boost our manufacturing employment. >> well, firstly, the chinese -- the deficit, trade deficit of china is coming down rapidly. the chinese, the reason it's coming down is because the chinese are investing less and less in our government securities. they actually peaked off of their ownership of u.s. government bonds in september 2010. they have been diminishing since. but i think there's a lot of misunderstanding about trade and manufacturing. we bring a lot of stuff in from china. that's true. i noticed when i got up here this morning it was rather cold. i grew up in florida. i think colorado has a huge trade deficit with florida in terms of oranges. why aren't you making your own oranges? now, you could build big greenhouses. i have seen them around the world. you could grow orange trees. it's just not economic. the whole thing, i don't have time to get into
and learn the reality with regards to any particular candidate. >> mitt romney, the republican presidential candidate announcing it's good to be back home in massachusetts. he will be there tonight to monitor the results. massachusetts, one of ten states with more than 400 delegates on this super tuesday. about a third of the delegates needed to win the nomination in tampa in late august. you need just over 1100 delegates. according to "the washington post," super tuesday could nudge newt gingrich out of the race. all depends on what happens tonight. or lend ron paul more credibility if he's able to win in alaska or idaho. it also could help either cement mitt romney as the front-runner, or give rick santorum the element that he needs to prove that he is the real thing. again, ohio, is the real test tonight. mitt romney indicating that he expects it to be a long evening. he'll be monitoring here on c-span radio, and live on c-span television with the speeches by ron paul, newt gingrich, mitt romney, and rick santorum. the results also available on our website at we'll have them
who were seen as at one time or another big rivals or the primary rival to mitt romney who's been kind of the constant all along. and then a lot of candidates who chose not to run. so you've got a republican field that's left many of the republican voters and elected officials and activists wanting, looking for the right person. and then, again, a president who proud of his record and is right that he inherited a lot of problems and dealt with them. but at a time when the job situation, even with the improvements to the unemployment rate, is really the dominant and most important story of the day, how are we going to turn the economy around and deal with the unemployment rate, there's a lot going on in terms of the race is taking place. and as you said, we're not done yet. we don't know who the republican nominee is going to be. and i think it would be wise to not make any assumptions about that but to just watch it all play out. >> mark halperin, you have a title for the book yet? >> "heilemann and halperin project." we can't have a title until we know how it ends. we have a couple of
steering committee. candidate mitt romney went to capitol hill head, the headline of the new york types says he was looking for allies. he did get some support from senator jim demint. not a flat-out endorsement but jim demint seems enthusiastic about what mitt romney has to offer. what do you think? >> i think that was a big thing. senator jim demint endorsed mitt romney in 2008 when he was running for president. but he's emerged in the last four years as obviously a very significant national leader, closely associated with the tea party movement. so i think the fact that he's speaking favorably, we're seeing other republican dozen that, suggests that the republican party is beginning to come together. doesn't mean the primary process is over, it's not. i think the process, in my view, has been helpful and has sharpened some of the candidates' skills. we'll see what happens the next few weeks. rick santorum's still viable, newt gingrich is still viable, ron paul has a devoted following and he's staying in. clearly romney at least right now has the upper hand. >> are you supporting him?
and be on c-span. mitt romney will be live on c-span 2 at 7:00 eastern. ohio is one of ten states that will vote on tuesday. it's the second largest contest on tuesday. the latest ohio poll conducted by the institute for policy research at the university of cincinnati shows santorum leads romney 37% to 26%. >> louisiana govern bobby jindal is going to show his budget. it's mostly cloud id and 37 degrees at the airport. you are listening to shreveport news radio. this weekend, book tv and american history tv explore the history and culture of shreveport, louisiana, the union army's failure in louisiana from the red river campaign of 1864 and a look at the over 200,000 books housed at the lsu archives. then a walk tour of the city, with neil johnson and on american history tv on c-span 3, from barksdale air force base, a look at the role of the base on 9/11 and a history of the b-52 bomber. visit the founding fathers exhibit and from the pioneer heritage center. medical treatment. >> rick santorum defended religious life. on the talk shows this weekend, and in speeches santorum resp
. moreover, some of nixon's own appointees like mitt romney, secretary of housing and urban development pressed for support of great society programs such as model cities that the president found. indeed, nixon's speechwriter wrote, romney was, quote, thoroughly sold. one could say cruelly brain washed by the experts and that had certain residents especially in that point of time especially by the experts at hud on the wisdom of expanding many great society programs. at the same time that nixon entered the white house he was clearly suspicious of career offici official, those evil bureaucrats that populated the agencies and departments around the mall in washington, and what he was suspicious about them for was that he believed that the executive branch apartments were populated by civil servants who were liberal, democratic and mostly opposed to his administration's priorities. those kinds of concerns were not entirely baseless. a survey of senior career officials in 1970 found, for example, that 47% of them identified as democrats, 17% as republicans and 36% as independents. what the
nominee, whether that is mitt romney or rick santorum or newt gingrich or ron paul. there has been, i think in the republican party, this is one of these moments where there are deep kind of ideological and demographic factions within the party. so we've seen -- this is a party really in deep transition. you have a -- the coalition that has been behind mitt romney which is a more upscale coalition. the coalition that's behind rick santorum largely right now is a more religious coalition. the party is pretty deeply fractured. that doesn't mean the ultimate republican nominee can't win. but in the past if you think back to races where similar things have happened like 1976 between gerald ford and ronald reagan or 1964 and barry goldwater and nelson rockefeller, those have been hard races to win. when the fight goes on for a long time and deep divisions represented in the party it ends up often, if history tells us anything, kind of -- you ended up with a disunited party. a debilitated nominee. i think it's going to be a challenge for whoever gets the republican nominee to overcome that
republicans a lot of change in position. especially mitt romney. in 2006, governor romney said, and this is a direct quote. i'm very much in favor of people recognizing that these high gasoline prices are probably here to stay. and the new public covered it in an article just recently here that i'd like to submit for the record, madam chair. it's -- the title of the article is when romney liked high gas prices. and, in fact, it highlighted that he was very much for a lot of the plants that president obama has put forward today. on this issue of gas prices i would note the associad
for all of our candidates. friendly criticism. and i said romney's was the worst. i came out with that on tuesday. on wednesday, they came around with a whole new plan. i take full credit for that. they had six hours to read my article and decided they must get their team together and revamp it so now actually romney's got a pretty good plan. it's not perfect, but it is good as the others. newt's plan, with art and peter basically crafted, it's a good plan. it really reduces taxes but will also, even though i'm a supply sider and believe in economic feedback, it would leave a huge hole in the budget. for newt to be responsible, he has to talk about, at least in my view, he should talk about what he's going to reduce in the budget to bring down the level of tax revenues. he's got this great line, oh, yes, my plan will bring in less tax revenue but we're going to make government equal to the size of the revenue, not the other way around. it's a great line. but he was the one who criticized paul ryan when paul ryan had a serious thing to begin to adjust the entitlements so it's
slightly. at the same time, barack obama released a tax plan, it does not lower rates. mitt romney released a tax plan, it does not raise revenue. who is right? obama, romney, or democrats sitting in the room? >> this is washington, so i'm right. i think you have to recognize a couple of realities. number one, we've had an income tax for almost 100 years and you can count the number of serious reforms on less than one hand. tax reform is hard and you shouldn't expect it to be something that happens easily. number two, mr. romney and president obama are run for office. you should not listen to them. number three, it is true that tax reform is defined to be raising the revenue more efficiently, typically with lower rates, allowing time to thus grow more quickly and right now i think the simpson commission, the ones that came out that way with lower rates, broader bases, and more revenue, reflect three things. we need to grow and we have to have a ruthless, a ruthless attention to it growing more rapidly, it's our top priority right now. and the oecd, no one's idea of a radical right wing orga
was talking about rick santorum and newt gingrich and everyone signed the personhood pledge but mitt romney hasn't. but october of 2011 when mississippi was really starting to pick up steam, he went on the mike huckabee show, and mike huckabee has produced a movie on personhood, is a huge supporter. on septemberth when we lost our appeal, he had a fund racener jackson, mississippi. asked him, will you support a constitutional amendment of personhood on a federal level. and mitt romney said, absolutely. so with that --. >> thank you, megan. i appreciate your description so much. it's -- what's frightening to know and having been in mississippi and campaigned is how much how many of these personhood initiatives are being promulgated by the most extreme anti abortion leaders in the country. they're not just quote, unquote pro life individuals. these are -- some of them have ties to the army of god, like patrick johnston in ohio and other individuals. the army of god is one of -- if not the most violent anti-abortion extremist organization in the country. individuals linked to bombings, murder,
that? no, it's super tuesday. it's going to be followed by -- are we really stuck with romney wednesday? >> the nation with 0% report. the colbert report can officially report nothing. because we tape the show at 8:00 and polls close at 9:00. but i have gone to a lot of trouble here, so i'm going to report the result of something. so folkslet go to russia where we're prepared to project that vladimir putin will once again be the president of the russian republic. the voters responded to his slogan, putin 2012 or he'll shoot your family. >> yesterday president barack obama broke out the good chairs to welcome benjamin netanyahu in town for a quick nosh and a schmooze. while here, facing -- >> ladies and gentlemen, if it looks like a duck, if it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then what is it? >> nuclear duck sounds the name of a terrible adult swim show. it doesn't actually -- actually it sound like an awesome adult swim show. >> newt gingrich apparently optimistic about his chances tonight. this is a quote. newt gingrich said that soon he'll be back on top. after hearing th
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